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What is Urn Décor?

Urn Décor is a fresh way to honor your loved ones with custom style and dignity. Our urns are designed to look great in your home without the traditional stigma attached to urns. We produce statement pieces that are artful, modern and equipped with Life Glow so you can turn it on for special days, or anytime that you want the warm ambiance to fill your home.

What is a Pre-Sale?

A “pre-sale” or “pre-order” allows you to place a reservation for the urn of your choice prior to its scheduled release date. Each of the urns open for pre-sale are marked with a “Pre-Sale” ribbon, as pictured below. Once the Pre-Sale period expires, the heavily discounted urns will increase to its regular price. We hope you enjoy your savings! Please allow 6-8 weeks for pre-sale shipping. Pre-Sale Ribbon Example_Life Giant Single or Companion Urn

How do I pre-order?

To reserve an urn, simply select the urn you wish to purchase:

Next, select the finish you desire:

After you select your finish, you can select the quantity and add your item to the cart:

Finally, add your billing and shipping details. Please Note: does not log any credit card information; all payments are made securely via Paypal.

After successfully placing your order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation containing an order reference number and tracking details. Please allow 6-8 weeks for Pre-Sale order shipment.

When will I receive my Pre-Order?

Generally, we kindly request that you allow 6-8 weeks for your pre-orders to arrive.

  • We have experienced longer delivery times for larger packages due to Covid-19.
  • Please note that we make every attempt to ship your urn as quickly and accurately as possible; you may receive your order before the 6-8 week allowance.

Please be sure to enter correct shipping details to avoid unnecessary delays. Other delivery may occur if you are unable to accept an attempted delivery, or due to inclement weather, incorrect address or credit card information, or other unforeseen circumstance outside of our control.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for choosing UrnDé

Where can I view my Pre-Order details?

If you have pre-ordered an urn you’re welcome to use our Track My Order tool to see the status of your order. Please note that you will need your order reference number and associated email address on file to access your order status. These details are found in your confirmation email with your receipt.

May I Pre-Order more than one item at a time?

While our Pre-Sale inventory is limited, we do allow households to order multiple urns in one transaction.

  • Please note: if you require separate shipping addresses, please contact us before placing your order so we can ensure your order, shipment requests and billing details are accurate.

You’re welcome to reach us by phone: 877 254 URNS (8767) or by email. Additionally, our chat team is available Monday – Friday from 9AM – 6PM Central Standard Time. You can open a chat by clicking the grey chat icon in the lower right corner.

Can I cancel a Pre-Order?

Yes, you may cancel your Pre-Order anytime within 10 days of placing the order. You will not be charged any additional fees if canceling within the 10 day grace period.

If you wish to cancel after 10 days of placing your order, you may be assessed a $75 reversal fee.

To cancel an order, email us at Be sure to include your order number and the email addressed used during the purchase in the spaces provided.

Refunds will be processed within 5-7 business days from the request.

What is Life Glow?

We created Life Glow to enable families to remember their loved ones in a more tangible way. Each urn comes equipped with Eco-friendly and heatproof LED lights for you to easily plug in and enjoy the warm ambiance emitting from the urn itself. Many families are creating their own new traditions around Life Glow on holidays that are just as symbolic as lighting a Christmas Tree or cutting the Thanksgiving turkey. While Life Glow is certainly meaningful for special holidays and dates, it’s perfect for anytime you want to light your home with a warm glow or have a nice cup of tea and remember the wonderful times shared with your beloved.

How do the urns open?

Each urn is designed to open and close easily and conveniently. Please refer to the instruction manuals, included inside of the product packaging for step-by-step instructions.

What is the difference between a single and companion urn?

Single urns are resting places designed for one individual; companion urns are designed for two individuals. Some of our urns are suitable as a single or companion use like our Life Giant Single or Companion Urn. It features a spacious interior to comfortably accommodate two adult cremains.

Where should I put my Urn Décor urn?

We prioritized a quality aesthetic to pay unique tribute to your beloved and blend well with the décor of your home. Some of our pieces hang on the wall, while others stand on their own. As for where to place it, each family is different and will choose different areas for their own meaningful reasons. As a guide, please check the product dimensions and to ensure you have space available.

Need more help?

We’re happy to help! We are available Monday – Friday from 9AM – 6PM Central Standard Time. We typically respond to emails within 24 hours.