Honor Individually

The pandemic taught us a lot about how to honor loved ones without access churches or ability to gather. It challenged us to honor our beloved creatively without the pattern of traditional practices. In thinking outside of the norm, we ventured into other aspects of paying tribute to important people in our lives; specifically, what their final resting place means. It’s hard to see a distinguished loved one in a ceramic vase – so we crafted bespoke pieces to accurately represent their individuality and impact in the most modern, sleek and aesthetic way possible.

We also thought of the families of these dynamic individuals. Though we cannot physically comfort each relative, friend and neighbor, we designed the Life glow to provide a warm ambiance as a loving reminder that nothing can ever extinguish the human light. It will always remain, even if only in our cherished memories.

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My parents were cremated and ceramic urns were the only options at that time. I learned of Urn Décor and upgraded them into a statement urn that they deserved without hesitation.

Kathy Holden - Naperville, IL